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 "I'm wearing your merino tees everyday and totally love them"

Scott - Virginia, USA

Wearing merino clothing

Our fine merino fabric naturally breathes helping to regulate body temperature, warming you when cold and cooling you when hot. Merino fibre has a hydrophilic (water holding) interior and a hydrophobic (water repelling) exterior. It absorbs moisture from your body without leaving you feeling damp and uncomfortable. In cold conditions the merino fibre generates a small but perceptible amount of heat, caused by a natural chemical reaction that occurs when moisture binds to the merino fibre. This extraordinary attribute acts to prevent sudden chilling that can sometimes occur when you are cooling down. 

Merino fabric is naturally anti-bacterial and odour resistant so you can feel confident amongst others in warm conditions. Wearing the same garment for long periods isn't a problem anymore. Merino is stain resistant and doesn't need to be washed as often as other fabrics. Merino is naturally flame resistant and self-extinguishing. It won't melt like some synthetic fabrics. Merino fibre is an excellent absorber of potentially harmful UV radiation. Our garments won't rustle when you move.

Our fine merino clothing is easy to care for. Dirt does not easily adhere to the fabric and minor spills can be wiped away. Our garments are machine washable and wrinkle resistant.

Our merino fibre is non-mulesed and from traditional merino growing countries with ethical farm practices.