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Merino Face Mask with HELIX.iso Filter. Made in New Zealand

$34.95 NZD

Ink Blue
Deep Red
Ocean Blue

Relax. We’ve got you covered. Our comfortable merino masks help keep you protected so you can keep doing what you need to do!

This mask type is designed for wearers who are in an ‘at-risk’ environment, where they are exposed to large groups. The mask includes a HELIX.iso wool filter which has been made specifically to provide protection against airborne and droplet spread particles such as dangerous viruses including Covid-19.

The mask pack includes one fitted filter plus two replacements. (We also sell Filter Refill Packs: Merino Face Mask HELIX.iso Filter Refill Packs)

  • Each mask is individually packed in a re-usable clam-shell ensuring the mask is always well protected when stored. Machine washable.
  • This is a double-layered merino mask that includes a replaceable disposable filter, known as the HELIX.iso Filter. The HELIX.iso filter is a wool product, also manufactured in New Zealand. Designed to capture harmful particulate matter, the filter harnesses the wools unique organic properties to achieve excellent electrostatic performance for capturing particles whilst providing low breathing resistance. The filter removes more than 80% of 0.3-micron particles at normal breathing rate.
  • Filter replacement depends on how much use and in what conditions the wearer is exposed to. The filter should be replaced after prolonged use or after the wearer has been in an at-risk environment e.g. when exposed to other people coughing or sneezing. To replace the filter simply remove the filter from the mask and dispose of safely. Re-insert new filter, smoothing out the filter to ensure a flush fit next to the merino fabric. The filter should not be re-used or washed.
  • Merino is soft and doesn’t irritate the skin; is naturally anti-bacterial, stain-resistant and won’t hold odours; is a breathable fabric that naturally expels moisture.
  • Available in two sizes – Large and Small. Typically the Large size fits most male adults and the Small size most smaller female adults and younger wearers. As a guide, if you measure from the tip of the nose to the top of the ear, and the measure is 17cm or greater, then you are a Large. If less than 17cm, you are a Small. 
  • The mask is available in a range of colours including Black, Silver, Charcoal, Ink Blue, Ocean Blue and Deep Red.
  • Whilst the filter provides excellent protection, the mask with the filter as an integrated product, has not undergone formal clinical testing, and therefore no clinical claims are made about the mask itself. The mask is not certified as an N95 mask.

Also Available: Merino Face Mask HELIX.iso Filter Refill Packs